6 Packaging Reports from 2018 That Reveal What Consumers Want

As the digitization of practically everything will continue to permeate the packaging industry, brand leaders focused on delivering high-quality packaging experiences need to continually look to shopper feedback and preferences to provide high-value to consumers while still growing business revenue. With so much change going on, I wanted to dig a little deeper into some of the top reports from this year to show fellow readers what consumers want from the packages they buy. Read on to see the top six reports compiled in 2018 and some of my key takeaways below:

Event Recap: Communicating at the Speed of Human - Takeaways from FUSE and Shopper Insights

Following two days of innovation and learning with Design and Brand Strategists at the combined FUSE & Shopper Insights conferences in Amsterdam, I'm still sorting my reds, whites, blues, oranges and greens (read on to find ot why green wins for me). However, for the benefit of the color-critical few that could not join the event, and before the myriad of thoughts blur quickly back to the highly chromatic day-to-day, I thought I'd share my reflections on learnings from our leaders in design and marketing strategy, in particular the role of color, and the increasing need for specificity, flexibility, and consistency in our digital world.

DOWNLOAD NOW: Packaging and the Digital Shopper: Meeting Expectations in Health & Beauty

The study drives readers to better understand what shoppers want from beauty and personal care packaging, how packaging relates to their overall online shopping experience and why they return health, beauty and personal care products. Data on what shoppers like about product packaging can fuel new product designs, but knowing how shoppers want to receive products is also an important part of the narrative – allowing brands the opportunity provide consistent experiences, regardless of purchasing channel. 

How to Build Color Credibility Within the Retail Shelf Set

When it comes to cosmetic color or shade selection in the drug store aisle, or any mass market retail environment, the burden of decision making falls directly on the shoulders of the consumer. For cosmetics companies, this creates a great deal of risk – what if the consumer begins to second guess whether they have the correct match? This problem is further compounded by the fact that despite all the shelving, backlighting and pricey fixtures… when the consumer is standing in the grocery aisle thinking she may need a new concealer, it all looks the same.

Event Recap: Talking e-commerce packaging at E-Pack

I had the privilege to speak at Smithers Pira’s E-PACK event in Chicago in September. E-Pack provided brand owners opportunity to discuss the challenges of staying competitive in the online retailing space and how packaging converters and packaging design firms can provide additional solutions for brand owners. If you missed the event, I’ve got three key learnings that I’m happy to share with you, as well as a recap of the presentation I gave with my former customer and still-current colleague John Morrow.

CPGs Can Earn Consumer Trust Through Product Packaging

Each time a new package is designed for a food or beverage product, brand leaders must ask themselves if they’re giving shoppers what they want. Is this package what shoppers expect? Are they meeting shoppers’ desires?

As shopping behaviors and the path to purchase have been disrupted by online and mobile shopping, shoppers’ expectations of the product experience are also changing.

What Digital Shoppers Want Food And Beverage Packaging Designers To Know

When designing a package for food and beverage, a beautiful design will always appeal to shoppers, but a great design needs to do more. It needs to inform and motivate a sale, particularly in the nanosecond of consideration online. Carefully considering these factors for both packaging refreshes and new packaging will enhance unique brand identity and cement consumer loyalty.

How Technology Enables Package Design Innovation and Marketing Implementation

Marketplace disruptions caused by the rapid growth in ecommerce and social media are posing major threats and opportunities for consumer package goods (CPG) companies.  Designing innovative products and packages that delight consumers have always been important, but innovation today needs to be faster, more effective and less expensive than ever before.  Strong marketing implementation has also always been important, but the complex environment today requires a highly efficient, integrated omnichannel approach.  Technology can help enable these transformations. 

5 Ways to Be the CIO Your Packaging Team Needs and Deserves

As a technology leader, I’m continually looking to gather data and insights that strengthen my business case for digital transformation within my organization. 

Shopper insights on food and beverage packaging helps marketers, designers and packaging engineers create innovative product designs with strong value propositions based on data and feedback on how and why shoppers buy both in-store and online.

Transform Brand Packaging AND Win Executive Support With These 5 Magic Words

You have an awesome idea to improve product packaging. You feel the pain of the people who work for you and your peers (not to mention your own pain). You’ve got an idea to help digitize the packaging process by introducing a process change or a technology change, but every time you think of bringing it up to your boss, you’re at a loss for words. What to say?

Food and Beverage Packaging: Online and In-Store Shopper Behaviors

Data and insights on what shoppers like helps fuel innovative product designs with strong value propositions, but knowing how shoppers want to receive products is also a critical piece of the story. For example, shoppers are constantly gathering information when it comes to food and beverage packaging and with the rise of smartphones, shoppers are becoming curious about how they can use their phones to get more value out of packaging.