Pack Snacks: News Round-Up

In this edition of Pack Snacks, Editor-in-Chief, Danielle Sauve talks to Esko’s Product Managers Susie Stitzel, Timothy Sixta and Esko’s Global Vice President, Sales and Services, Niels Stenfeldt about artificial intelligence, omnichannel's impact on product packaging and paperboard packaging’s prominence in the luxury goods industry.

Dscoop is the Redwood Falling in the Forest – Here’s Why You Should Listen

Dscoop (digital solutions co-op) is a user group meeting run by HP Indigo for print service providers that inspires companies to incorporate digital print into their core capabilities.

The three day event (March 25-28) this year boasted several keynotes, including Dan Heath (Harvard Business School, best-selling author), Andrew Davis (@drewdavishere), Alon Bar-Shany (General Manager at HP Indigo), 60+ educational sessions (one presented by yours truly) and a showcase floor featuring 90+ exhibitors and solution providers (full disclosure: including Danaher companies Esko, Enfocus and AVT).

FUSE 2018: Fun Facts, Take-Aways and Controversies (and Other Concepts and Quotes I Loved)

FUSE 2018 in New York City on April 9-11th celebrated innovative game changers within iconic and startup companies who are changing the face of design and the way consumers experience and interact with the brand.

Read on to learn more about some of my favorite speaker sessions’ fun facts, take-aways and controversies alongside other concepts and quotes that resonated with me.

Euromonitor: Why Packaging Development and Production Need to be More Sustainable

As global retail sales of packaging increased by 2 percent in 2016, the environmental damage caused by the “make, use, dispose” economy is of growing concern. This is particularly evident in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East/Africa, which are seeing ongoing population growth. The sustainable development of packaging is a pressing necessity ecologically, and also offers opportunities for businesses along the supply chain.

Enter Now: We’ve picked the Top 25 Packaging Award Competitions

Packaging design awards can promote your brand, showcase the work of your team, provide increased visibility in the industry, media and in some cases highlight improvements to the bottom line.

Global and prestigious award competitions should be on your radar. If you want recognition for design and bottom-line improvements that your team delivered, three global competitions in particular stand out. 

In Transparency We Trust

In all aspects of life, transparency is important in establishing trust. People feel secure when they have ready access to how products are made or see how contracted services are performed.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about their health and the products they use. Food and beverages with simplified labels, easy-to-read ingredients and clear windows have gained popularity as consumers demand more information to prove that products are exactly what they claim to be.

Using an Array of Things (AoT) Approach to Improve Brand Packaging Functions

Imagine, as a consumer packaged goods marketer: in just a few minutes you’re gathering data and insights on brand health across your organization from departments such as packaging, marketing, sales and design and also from key partners such as packaging manufacturers, logistics, retailers and even consumers. If you had access to all of that knowledge, how would that impact your overall decision making for the business?

The Intersection of Technology, Design and Packaging: What We Can Learn From a Rochester Institute of Technology Professor

As students continue to enroll in RIT’s packaging program, Diaz has noticed changes not only in his student’s interests within the packaging realm but also the connection between designers and packaging engineers in terms of technology and software. This interview dives further into what students are currently learning, trends within packaging and what challenges consumer packaged goods companies are facing.