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In Transparency We Trust

In all aspects of life, transparency is important in establishing trust. People feel secure when they have ready access to how products are made or see how contracted services are performed.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about their health and the products they use. Food and beverages with simplified labels, easy-to-read ingredients and clear windows have gained popularity as consumers demand more information to prove that products are exactly what they claim to be.

Using an Array of Things (AoT) Approach to Improve Brand Packaging Functions

Imagine, as a consumer packaged goods marketer: in just a few minutes you’re gathering data and insights on brand health across your organization from departments such as packaging, marketing, sales and design and also from key partners such as packaging manufacturers, logistics, retailers and even consumers. If you had access to all of that knowledge, how would that impact your overall decision making for the business?

The Intersection of Technology, Design and Packaging: What We Can Learn From a Rochester Institute of Technology Professor

As students continue to enroll in RIT’s packaging program, Diaz has noticed changes not only in his student’s interests within the packaging realm but also the connection between designers and packaging engineers in terms of technology and software. This interview dives further into what students are currently learning, trends within packaging and what challenges consumer packaged goods companies are facing.

NEW: Digital Maturity Model for Brand Packaging

Many consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies have yet to understand the importance that the entire packaging value chain has on their overall route-to-market and do not consider packaging digitization as a core business priority. However, if they advance their packaging processes, adopt digital technologies, automate them and connect them with suppliers (and even consumers), they will see realize increasing benefits. These benefits include increased executive support, cost control, risk mitigation, responsiveness, quality, and transparency.

DOWNLOAD: The Responsiveness Requirement - How Agile Marketers Act on Consumer Feedback to Drive Growth

Danaher’s Product Identification Platform of companies Pantone, Esko, MediaBeacon, X-Rite, AVT, Videojet and Laetus along with the CMO Council conducted the following study, “The Responsiveness Requirement: How Agile Marketers Act on Consumer Feedback to Drive Growth”. The study surveyed senior marketing leaders across customer-obsessed industries like consumer packaged goods, health, beauty and manufacturing to better understand how brands are meeting and exceeding expectations for responsiveness and action.

The Digitization and Simplification of the Value Chain

We are at an intersection of the digital and physical world and coordination at this intersection becomes increasingly difficult. With the development of digitization in every aspect of society, customers have grown accustomed to the Amazons and Apples of the world: seeking instant gratification with personalized marketing, same-day delivery and global product consistency.