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Pack Snacks: Packaging News Round-Up

In this edition of Pack Snacks, Esko’s Product Managers, Susie Stitzel and Richard Deroo and Global Marketing Solutions Manager, Kathy Drommerhausen discuss Tetra Pak’s new material effects and online retail’s packaging problem. 

We also discuss packaging specifications and the complications of consistent accurate production, as well as artificial intelligence and the way it could benefit those in the packaging industry. 

Leveraging Packaging As Part Of The E-Commerce Experience: An Interview with Chris Walton, Former VP of Target Store of the Future

Packaging is important to consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, but we often forget that packaging plays a role in retail too. Retailers understand the impact packaging has on consumer purchasing behaviors, but often face challenges with CPGs who design their packaging as an isolated product, never considering how the product packaging would look on a shelf or how it appears online.

Communicating Through Color at Each Moment of Truth

The greats of customer experience have broken down interactions between brands and customers into first, second, and beyond moments of truth, spanning both physical and digital. As any fashion or beauty marketer knows, each of these moments dictates how customers feel about your brand and influences their purchasing decisions. Color is the first impression of quality for your product. How can you ensure your color selection works hard for you at each moment of truth [MOT]?

Color Me Impressed: The Food and Beverage Innovation Forum

Are you a global brand leader trying to localize your product in China? How well do you know Chinese consumers? Do they even care or notice products from major and established players outside of the Eastern hemisphere? The market is up for grabs; how do brands win?

I had the opportunity to attend and speak at the Food and Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF) on April 18-20th in Shanghai, China.

Dscoop is the Redwood Falling in the Forest – Here’s Why You Should Listen

Dscoop (digital solutions co-op) is a user group meeting run by HP Indigo for print service providers that inspires companies to incorporate digital print into their core capabilities.

The three day event (March 25-28) this year boasted several keynotes, including Dan Heath (Harvard Business School, best-selling author), Andrew Davis (@drewdavishere), Alon Bar-Shany (General Manager at HP Indigo), 60+ educational sessions (one presented by yours truly) and a showcase floor featuring 90+ exhibitors and solution providers (full disclosure: including Danaher companies Esko, Enfocus and AVT).

Enter Now: We’ve picked the Top 25 Packaging Award Competitions

Packaging design awards can promote your brand, showcase the work of your team, provide increased visibility in the industry, media and in some cases highlight improvements to the bottom line.

Global and prestigious award competitions should be on your radar. If you want recognition for design and bottom-line improvements that your team delivered, three global competitions in particular stand out. 

NEW: Digital Maturity Model for Brand Packaging

Many consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies have yet to understand the importance that the entire packaging value chain has on their overall route-to-market and do not consider packaging digitization as a core business priority. However, if they advance their packaging processes, adopt digital technologies, automate them and connect them with suppliers (and even consumers), they will see realize increasing benefits. These benefits include increased executive support, cost control, risk mitigation, responsiveness, quality, and transparency.

DOWNLOAD: The Responsiveness Requirement - How Agile Marketers Act on Consumer Feedback to Drive Growth

Danaher’s Product Identification Platform of companies Pantone, Esko, MediaBeacon, X-Rite, AVT, Videojet and Laetus along with the CMO Council conducted the following study, “The Responsiveness Requirement: How Agile Marketers Act on Consumer Feedback to Drive Growth”. The study surveyed senior marketing leaders across customer-obsessed industries like consumer packaged goods, health, beauty and manufacturing to better understand how brands are meeting and exceeding expectations for responsiveness and action.

Ultra Violet Color Psychology

When thinking about selecting a color to represent a brand, it's important to consider the psychological message and meaning of the color and how it will instantaneously broadcast the meaning and image of the company.

While designers envision colors and their impact on a brand; Pantone also knows that color extends beyond products into a lifestyle, which is why the Pantone Color Institute takes the role of color selection so seriously.