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6 Packaging Reports from 2018 That Reveal What Consumers Want

As the digitization of practically everything will continue to permeate the packaging industry, brand leaders focused on delivering high-quality packaging experiences need to continually look to shopper feedback and preferences to provide high-value to consumers while still growing business revenue. With so much change going on, I wanted to dig a little deeper into some of the top reports from this year to show fellow readers what consumers want from the packages they buy. Read on to see the top six reports compiled in 2018 and some of my key takeaways below:

5 Ways to Be the CIO Your Packaging Team Needs and Deserves

As a technology leader, I’m continually looking to gather data and insights that strengthen my business case for digital transformation within my organization. 

Shopper insights on food and beverage packaging helps marketers, designers and packaging engineers create innovative product designs with strong value propositions based on data and feedback on how and why shoppers buy both in-store and online.

New Product Innovation and Digitization Key to Drive Growth for Large FMCG Brands

The archetypal tale of David and Goliath is unfolding between small craft or start-up brands (David) and large fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies (Goliath). In a recent Financial Times article, Bain & Company stated that these Goliath FMCG companies experienced 7.7 percent growth from 2006- 2011, but only .7 percent growth from 2012-2016. And according to a New Product Innovation Report, Nielsen states that of over 60,000 new SKUs introduced in Europe in the last few years, just over half (55 percent) made it to 26 weeks.

Pack Snacks: Packaging News Round-Up

In this edition of Pack Snacks, Esko’s Product Managers, Susie Stitzel and Richard Deroo and Global Marketing Solutions Manager, Kathy Drommerhausen discuss Tetra Pak’s new material effects and online retail’s packaging problem. 

We also discuss packaging specifications and the complications of consistent accurate production, as well as artificial intelligence and the way it could benefit those in the packaging industry. 

Leveraging Packaging As Part Of The E-Commerce Experience: An Interview with Chris Walton, Former VP of Target Store of the Future

Packaging is important to consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, but we often forget that packaging plays a role in retail too. Retailers understand the impact packaging has on consumer purchasing behaviors, but often face challenges with CPGs who design their packaging as an isolated product, never considering how the product packaging would look on a shelf or how it appears online.

Euromonitor: Why Packaging Development and Production Need to be More Sustainable

As global retail sales of packaging increased by 2 percent in 2016, the environmental damage caused by the “make, use, dispose” economy is of growing concern. This is particularly evident in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East/Africa, which are seeing ongoing population growth. The sustainable development of packaging is a pressing necessity ecologically, and also offers opportunities for businesses along the supply chain.

Enter Now: We’ve picked the Top 25 Packaging Award Competitions

Packaging design awards can promote your brand, showcase the work of your team, provide increased visibility in the industry, media and in some cases highlight improvements to the bottom line.

Global and prestigious award competitions should be on your radar. If you want recognition for design and bottom-line improvements that your team delivered, three global competitions in particular stand out.